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Speed Boat
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Preventative Service Membership

Service Contract Information

What is offered as a standard part of our preventative service membership?

As a member of our program we will come to your boat bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly and run the engine(s), check fluids and gearshift operation, trim operation, ignition output. We will lube all moving parts, inspect for wear and corrosion and repair as required. We will inspect all battery cables, switches and load test batteries. We will test bilge pump(s) operation in both manual and automatic modes. We will test operation of all accessories onboard and replace any defective parts (at additional charge at member labor rates plus parts at member rates). Replacing of any defective parts member will be sent estimate based at membership cost.

We also create a service file and keep a history on services performed and schedule annual services for 100 hour service needs, all at discounted prices. We will supply you with a printout of service with each monthly billing cycle which you may keep for your records. This service record will show all collected engine and vessel information each month that will be a bonus to you when and if you choose to sell your vessel in the future.

On a Speedboat

Key Advantages


Up to 15% – when you lock in a service contract with Rev Tech Marine, you’ll save up to 15% off of preventative and routine maintenance services vs. an a la carte approach.


Let us take a load off so you can be stress free and focus on what matters most – having fun with family and friends.


Proper service and care will extend the life of your Boat and help maintain its value should you decide to trade-in or sell in the future.


Priority scheduling means less time in the shop and routine and preventive care in the off-season so you can enjoy your baby all summer long.


Preventative care will help your Boat work like it’s supposed to – that means more time out on the water and less time in the service shop.

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