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Boat Surveys

Boat/PWC Inspections and Surveys

A Pre-Purchase boat survey is the most thorough type of survey we perform for our customers.  Its purpose is to surface the true and complete condition of the vessel before a buyer makes the big decision of purchasing the vessel. Boat repairs are expensive in general, and the hidden problems tend the be the most expensive of the lot.  Buying a boat without a mechanical survey is a dangerous gamble.

A Pre-Purchase survey is often confused with a “Condition and Value Survey” but they are not the same. A Pre-Purchase survey involves a much more thorough examination of the boat’s mechanical systems.  Engines, generators, electrical, fuel and hydraulic systems are inspected, operated and a detailed repair list of any damages found. Repair list is itemized and typed as a matter of importance. Sea Trials or water testing can be performed for an additional cost.

Boat Inspections:

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • After Purchase Inspection

  • Engine Diagnostics (Yamaha, Mercury)

  • Compression Testing

  • Sea Trial

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