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Why should I use Rev Tech Marine  vs. a dealer or another boat repair facility?


Rev Tech Marine comes to your boat instead of you bringing your boat to the shop, saving you time. Also at RTM we only replace the parts your boat needs instead of just replacing parts no matter if they are worn out or not, saving you money. Our labor rate is less than most other shops.

Is winterizing my boat really necessary?

YES! Winterizing your boat protects the engine from freeze damage. Winterizing also protects your fuel system and vital electrical components from corrosion, as well as preventing rust pits in the engine cylinders. One failure caused by lack of winterizing will cost far more than the actual cost to winterize your boat.

How come Rev Tech Marine only uses synthetic engine oil instead of offering both regular oil and synthetic?

Synthetic oil molecules are closed cell molecules preventing water from being absorbed by the oil. Synthetic oil also lubricates much better, and provides far superior protection. We use synthetic oil in all of our own vehicles because we know how much better it is for an engine, therefore we want your engine to receive the very best we can offer as well.

How often does my boat need a tune-up?

The life of tune-up parts in a marine engine varies considerably due to use, where the boat is kept, where it is stored, and how it is used. Tune-up parts only need to be replaced when they are either worn or corroded. We inspect tune-up parts, and only replace those that are in need of replacement.

How often does my boat need an oil change?

Most boat manufactures recommend changing you engine oil every 50 hours of operation or once a season, whichever occurs first. Since we use synthetic engine oil we only recommend changing your boat’s engine oil once at the beginning of every season.

When does my raw water impeller need to be checked or replaced?

Most raw water impellers need to be checked every 100 hours or 3 seasons, unless the engine starts running warmer than usual. 

Can I leave my lower unit or sterndrive empty of lubricant over the winter?

We do not recommend leaving a lower unit or sterndrive empty during storage periods. An empty oil cavity may allow moisture to collect on the gears, bearings and shafts. Rust will form when the moisture reacts with the air, damaging the internal components.

Note: If water was present when draining the gear oil, the lower unit or sterndrive should be inspected.

Do I still need to have winterization performed if I have a self-drain system on my engine?

The drain system on your engine is NOT intended to replace full winterization. It is for extending your boating season by allowing the cooling system to be drained after use if there is a risk of light freezing weather and you will be boating the next day. For full extended winter storage, after completely draining the cooling system, Mercury MerCruiser requires the use of propylene glycol antifreeze (with a rust inhibitor for marine engines) in the seawater section of the cooling system. The fuel system must have fuel stabilizer added and the system must be fogged with 2-cycle oil.

Should my sterndrive be stored in the up or the down position?

If you store your sterndrive installed on your boat, you should keep it in the down position. Otherwise, the rubber bellows in the transom assembly can become permanently deformed and fail.

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