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Basic Boat Maintenance Checklist for New Boaters

basic boat maintenance checklist for new boaters

There’s nothing more disappointing than having a mechanical issue ruin a day on the water. Fortunately, with a little basic maintenance boat owners can avoid the most common situations that can bring an outing to an abrupt end.

boat maintenance checklist for beginners

Modern boats and engines are very reliable, and professional marine technicians tell us that the vast majority of engine problems today are related to fuel or the battery. Here’s how to avoid those issues.

7 Basic Boat Maintenance Tasks

  • Check your batteries and battery cables before every outing.

  • Use a battery maintenance charger for extended period of non-use.

  • Replace your battery every four to five seasons.

  • Always use fuel with no ethanol.

  • Use a marine-specific fuel stabilizer to prevent oxidation and phase separation.

  • Check your engine oil before every outing.