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Full-Service Boat Maintenance To Your Location

Rev Tech Marine is a true full-service mobile maintenance and repair company. Whether it’s for your leisure, sport or fishing boat – outboard, inboard or IO – our service team is equipped to handle all of your emergency repairs, routine services, or annual maintenance. With over 20 years of combined marine mechanic expertise, our full-time staff of seasoned technicians will quickly and accurately diagnose your boat’s condition, advise preventative maintenance, and perform quality work quickly to get you back out on the water and ensure that your boat runs well for years to come. Here are some of our best tips for maintaining your boat and how we can help protect your investment:

Routine Services: 
Keeping your boat clean not only turns heads, it also keeps it safe – protecting it from invasive species, finish erosion and other abrasions – and helps it to perform better.
Our team offers full details, what we call our “showroom finish”, including a top-to-bottom inside and outside wash and a full wax of all smooth surfaces. For a quicker, cheaper option, let us hand wash your boat for you!

You’ll want to regularly clean your fiberglass, canvas and upholstery, to keep your gel coat glossy and your common spaces protected from the elements. Fiberglass boats will need a wax to reinforce the gel coat twice a season and a splash down after each use helps the wax last longer. If your materials are looking worse for wear, contact us for a wipe down, polish, repairs or replacements.

Motors, Engines, Batteries & Electronics:
With service tailored to your motor type, we’ll check that you’re fueled up (and water-free) and your fuel tank vent is open, as well as tightening and securing your engine mount screw clamps. We’ll also check that your water intake, bilge pump and propellers are free of debris and buildup and that your electrical lines are in good condition. If there are signs of intense wear on your propellers, fuel lines, engine belts, etc., we’ll be happy to replace them for you. Motor flushes after each trip will significantly increase the longevity of your boat.

If your battery is sputtering or something “feels off,” you may be in need of a battery replacement. Just like in a car, your boat battery has a life expectancy of 2-3 years, regardless of use. Our team can swap your battery for a brand new one in no time. Similarly, water pumps and impellers will also need a change every 2 years.

Like a car, keep a regular schedule with oil changes and oil filters. Oil should be changed every 100 hours of use or once per season. Our team will change your oil, replace your filter, check your drain plug and run a full fluids check to guarantee that your boat is functioning properly.

Annual Services:
At the end of each boating year, allow our team to perform a full winterization to protect your boat until the next season. Spark plugs will need to be replaced once per year and depending on your use, oil may only need to be changed once a year.

Accessories & Other:
Our teams are at the ready to help you with any service needs, but we’ll wrap it up here before we overstay our writing welcome. If you’re looking for something you don’t see in this post – bottom painting, radios, anchors, gauges, trailer repair, lighting replacements – anything you need, we can help with. Give us a call today for advice or for an appointment at (757)839-1158.

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