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Keeping the SPARK in Your Boat Engine

A boat ride ends with engine trouble

Whether you have a speed boat, pontoon boat or fishing boat, there is nothing like a day on the water. The sun, the cool breeze off the water and the gentle rocking of the boat makes for a relaxing day.

You launch your boat and begin to cruise. Before you know it, your boat engine starts acting up and your day of fun is over. You get your boat off the water and begin to troubleshoot what could have gone wrong with the engine. Could it be the spark plugs?

spark boat engine

What do spark plugs do in my boat’s engine?

A key component of your boat’s engine, marine spark plugs take in high voltage electricity at one end and ignite a spark at the other end. That spark fires the air and fuel mixture within the engine and creates the combustion that powers your boat.

Symptoms of bad marine spark plugs