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Marine Battery Care - What You Need To Know

Don't let the "maintenance-free" battery in your car lull you into complacency about the battery in your boat. Neglecting a marine battery is certain to shorten its life.

Get the most from your boat's batteries by following these guidelines:

  • Keep idle batteries fully charged. Leaving a battery even partially discharged leads to sulfation and loss of capacity.

  • Check the water level regularly. Top up as necessary to keep the level about 1/4" above the plates.

  • Use only distilled water for topping up; trace minerals and/or chlorine in tap water really do shorten battery life.

  • Fill cells after charging. If you fill them before, expansion during charging will pump electrolyte out on top of the battery, causing a corrosive mess and reducing the acid level inside the battery.

  • Keep the top of the case clean and dry. Dampness, dirt, and acid on the battery case can create a circuit between the terminals that will drain the battery.

  • Keep terminals and cable clamps corrosion-free. Use a wire brush to remove corrosion. Coat both terminal and clamp with petroleum jelly (not grease) to prevent future corrosion.

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