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5 Signs Your Boat Needs Service

5 Signs Your Boat Needs Service

Experience the thrill of being out on the water without any worries! Don't let boat troubles ruin your day - most problems can be avoided with regular maintenance. But how do you know when your boat needs servicing? We've got you covered with these essential warning signs to look out for while enjoying your time on the water. By staying vigilant, you can keep your boat in top shape and enjoy countless adventures with your family.

Warning Sign #1: Check Engine Light

Just like in cars, the check engine light is a clear indication that something is wrong with your boat's engine. It could be an overheating issue caused by a clogged sea strainer or damaged parts. Don't ignore this warning - let your dealer know as soon as the light comes on to prevent any engine damage.

Warning Sign #2: Vibration

Feeling an unusual vibration coming from your boat? It's a sign that something is misaligned or damaged, such as a damaged propeller or strut. While some vibration is normal with older boats, anything stronger than your phone vibrating in your pocket needs immediate attention. Don't let vibration spoil your ride!

Warning Sign #3: Loss of Power

Is your boat slow to accelerate or feeling sluggish overall? Your engine might need some servicing or a tune-up. It could also be an issue with the fuel pump or bad fuel. Keep an eye out for any signs of power loss while you're out on the water.

Warning Sign #4: Washed Out Wakes

Surfers and wakeboarders beware! If your wakes are lackluster or washed out, your boat's wake system may need attention. Look out for malfunctioning trim tabs, off-ballast timers, or faulty electronics. Modern towboats rely on software updates, just like your home computer. If you notice any issues, it's time to schedule a service with your local dealership.

Warning Sign #5: Steering Issues

Don't let steering problems steer you away from fun on the water! If you're struggling with a tight steering wheel or encountering resistance while turning, it could be a sign of a damaged steering cable or rudder. Keep an eye on these issues and address them promptly.

Bonus Tip!

Don't forget about your trailer! If you tow your boat to different places, make sure to check for warning signs that your trailer may need servicing. Watch out for malfunctioning brake lights, hot wheels indicating worn brakes, or bald or cracked tires. Stay safe on the road and the water!

Remember, a visual inspection before and after every ride is essential. Trust your senses - if anything looks, sounds, or feels off, don't hesitate to reach out to Rev Tech Marine. We're here to help you keep your boat in top condition and ensure endless fun for you and your family.

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