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6 Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips to Know Before You Tow

Exploring new destinations with a boat in tow is all part of the boating lifestyle.

Having the right trailer is important.

Most important, however, is boat trailer maintenance.

Especially if you’re traveling and visiting new destinations all the time. It may take some time and effort, but it’s a necessary safeguard to ensure that your trailer is in top form—and to ensure that you and your boat get to your destination in one piece. I’ve seen more than a few trailer maintenance issues over the years (and a handful of unfortunate accidents) which all could have been prevented with just a little care and basic trailer knowledge.

In one instance, a fellow boater was heading out on a trip, towing a 30-foot runabout. Pulling out of the parking lot, he underestimated a narrow roadway between a building and concrete barrier. Everything seemed fine until I heard a loud “bang,” followed by a disheartening “thud.”

What happened was the driver hit the edge of the concrete barrier with the right trailer fender, and the impact forced part of the boat off the trailer at a steep downward angle. You don’t want to know what the hitch looked like afterward.

Needless to say, his trip was over before it began.

While he was an experienced boater with many miles of boat trailer to his credit, the point is, a lot of care needs to be taken when towing a boat. It all starts with basic common maintenance and becoming very familiar with your rig.

6 Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips to Know Before You Tow

As a boat trailer maintenance checklist can be quite extensive, here are a few starting points to ensure safe travels on the road.