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First-Time Boat Owner's Off-Season Checklist

First time boat owners

One of the biggest surprises of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the number of people rushing to become boaters. From kayaks to pontoons, center consoles and ski boats, dealerships are reporting a buying frenzy. As a result, a lot of new boat owners are just now finishing up their first boating season and starting to ask the same question: What next? You Just Finished Your First Summer with a Boat. Now What? Truth be told, each year, the boating season is kind of like the holiday season. We eagerly anticipate its arrival, we immerse ourselves in it to the point that it takes over almost every aspect of our lives, and then, after we’ve squeezed every ounce of joy from it that we possibly can, the season comes to its predictable end. The difference between the boating and holiday seasons, though, is that nobody thinks about the “holiday off-season.” There is such a thing as the boating off-season, and it can be nearly as glorious as the boating season itself. In fact, if done right, the boating off-season can help to make the next year out on the water even better than the last one.

Here’s a look at five things you can do to make the most of your boating off-season this year.

off season boat maintenance

Basic Maintenance The boating off-season is a great time to do the maintenance projects that tend to get put off during fun summer cruising weekends. Not only is the off-season a terrific time to make sure things like oil changes and filter replacements are completed, but it’s also a great time to correct problems that popped up out on the water.

  • Did a restraining strap break where you stow the water skis?

  • Could you use a better tie-down for the cooler you liked to bring out on the boat every weekend?