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When it’s cold we tend to forget about our boats. We tuck them away in storage or just leave them sitting, alone and abandoned. You can show them that you care by providing some TLC. These projects are a great way to make your boat happy while preparing it for spring. Show her some love!

Give Your Boat a Hose Job Hoses and clamps are often overlooked and underappreciated until one of them decides to fail and then it’s panic time. Inspect all your hose runs and clamps for cracks, rust and wear. Replace any hose run that show signs of being cracked, kinked, or abraded. Replace any hose clamp that has rust – even stainless steel corrodes. If the hose leads to a through-hull, double clamp both ends. This will better assure that you will find your boat floating when you get back on the water in spring. If it is beyond your skill level, hire a professional from Rev Tech Marine, and your boat will know how much you care. Give Your Boat the Spa Treatment Winter is a good time to fix all the nicks, scratches, dings, and dents that you haven’t had time for. Fiberglass repair kits, polishes, and wax can be found at most boating accessory and parts stores. It may be time to take advantage of professionals who can make your boat look like new. Makeover Your Boat’s Bottom Cleaning your boat’s bottom of bugs, growth, debris, and contaminants will reduce drag and have your boat looking sharp in the spring. If you keep your boat in saltwater, winter is a good time to give your boat a “bottom job” by painting it with anti-fouling paint. Bottom paint varies greatly from hard coating to ablative, and by the amount of copper or other anti-fouling chemicals. With hard coat bottom paint, the old paint must be removed before applying a new coat. With most ablative paint, you can paint over the previous coat after thoroughly cleaning the bottom. With both, you will want to put two coats minimum. Your local marine store is a good resource on what works best in your area. Buy Your Boat Some New Toys If your boat needs an upgrade to her marine electronics, audio system, or satellite TV system, winter is a prime time to do-it-yourself or hire a professional installer. Many stores have great deals on these systems and Rev Tech Marine can provide installation. It's also a great time to consider what toys will go great with your boat. From wakeboards to skis to floats, think about what your family loves to do on the water. Spruce Up Your Boat’s Ride Winter is a great time to thoroughly inspect your boat’s trailer. Putting your boat in and out of the water repeatedly exposes the trailer to a corrosive environment. Make sure the wiring is all intact and all lights work, including side lights. Check the brakes (if any) and suspension. You wouldn’t want to stress your boat when a wheel falls off. Rev Tech Marine is a great resource for repairing or replacing your boat’s trailer. I am sure your boat would appreciate a new ride. Take the time to show your boat you care this winter and be ready for warmer weather! Contact Rev Tech Marine for assistance with any of these projects.


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